Monday, 28 March 2011

Views on the Indian Constitution

                                                       Hello friends, this is my first blog here therefore I hope you would pardon my mistakes.Also, I really hope to find any readers . You are free to post any comments or have a discussion in the commentts section.                                                                     Whenever, I think about Indian Constitition, I think about a very significant man who was also very controversial. He is Charles Darwin. He was extremely courageous and had made powerful enemies through his work.There is a story about him.

                                                         It was Darwin's birthday. Children of his neighbourhood wanted to present him with something. He was a famous man. he used to be friendly with children and play with them.For his birthday, they were thinking about what to present him. Because his single-minded interest was to know about animals, birds, how life has arisen, why life has taken so many forms, what the children did was -- children are very intelligent before they are corrupted by their elders -- they gathered a few insects and cut pieces from them: wings from one, legs from another, a body from the third, a head from the fourth -- from different insects -- and they glued them and made a new insect. They waited to see whether Charles Darwin, the greatest expert on insects and animals and birds, could even say what kind of insect this was.

They were very much excited, and in the evening they brought it to him. Even Darwin could not figure it out. He had seen... over his whole life he had been around the world. But these little children of his neighborhood, where had they found such an original insect? Then he looked closely -- he was getting old -- and he said, "Bring my glasses... because I have never seen such an insect."
And when he put on his glasses, the children said, "Now tell us the name of the insect."
He said, "This is a humbug!"

The Indian constitution is a humbug: something from the Soviet constitution, something from the American constitution, most of the English constitution, and from every other country whatever they could find which is good, sounds good -- freedom of the individual, no discrimination, freedom of expression, government by the people of the people for the people. Everything is borrowed. It looks good when you read it, but it is not applicable.

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